Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mos Emvy II - 160117 - Music Manumit Podcast

Mos Emvy - Wish
Mos Emvy

On this episode:
Musician Mos Emvy returns to the show.

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Notes from the interview.

Last time: mos-emvy-150111-music-manumit-podcast

New EP is partially up on Jamendo

One of the new tracks: the-hustle

Full release in March

Fun fact: one of a small number of guests Doug has met in person. Probably Doug has more than Tom, but Tom has met with Ty from Lords of the Trident, and Doug has not.

chill wave (Chillwave) and witch house (Witch_house)


WHY AM I SHOUTING? Don’t know.

talked to someone at Universal and they wanted something mainstream.

Soundcloud, Google Play, Bandcamp, iTunes...others

New uses?

game videos drive tons of traffic!

Jamendo update?

“it’s ok” -- not too extreme one way or another

most of it is on Jamendo

new one is self-recorded and mixed. He has a “master”

it doesn’t

where are these producers?

meeting people on SoundCloud! Good place to meet musicians.

a couple of people came to Mos

Mos went to some people

Konsept the Genius did a show with Mos in Cincinnati...met through reverbnation

Joey Cutless: not to be confused with or

Insight time! Not to be confused with Enzyte

ha, growth!

videos! plan for Focus, and Wish (summer for this one)

“Wish” is everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it’s about making the world better!

Closing track: wish-feat-konsept-the-genius-and-amp-dominique

Soundcloud Song Link

Konsept the Genius: