Sunday, January 24, 2016

Andy Cohen - 160124 - Music Manumit Podcast

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen

On this episode:
We talk with musician Andy Cohen

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Notes from the interview.

He contributes to (that’s how we found him!)

Tell us about your music and tell us what’s new!

originally from Germany for 4 years


Germany because gf now wife

electrical engineering background

musical beginnings?
8 or 9

self-taught guitar player

2014 internet presence started

was in band that gigged before that

old demos...might as well get them out

What drew you to Creative Commons?

scramby eggs...throw away: Andy_G_Cohen_-_08_-_Scramby_Eggs -- hundreds of plays!

lots of new tracks

FMA 100+k listens!

videos often go in directions Andy wouldn’t have seen

tech and music are both creative.

likes anonymity, but

recommended to soundcloud by old friend

last week: mos-emvy-ii-160117-music-manumit-podcast


4 or 5 tracks up on ccmixter:



loudness wars band



fire studio project...2010 (hardware)

moving and moving!

Logic Pro

there’s also

was a Linux user

fruity loops!


ProTools and proprietary stuff

shut stuff off

turn it on and it works


logic pro so don’t want to fiddle


scramby eggs, so many baking videos

once or month he checks

really well shot video

Do you tour?


Layers is ideas from 1999 but came together for FMA

less mature than more recent stuff

three more tracks for Through the Lens...maybe in March

Through the Lens more an album

people are emailing because you are doing stuff!

11 tracks out since October!

“try having that conversation with 6 guys”

lower commitment/burden

Is there anything else you would like to say/tell us about?
still working on Through the Lens

Closing track: Dont_You_Think_Its_Time - CC BY

most recent, which is why he chose it! One of his favorites, but videos aren’t picking it up just yet.