Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pipe Choir III - 160131 - Music Manumit Podcast

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Pipe Choir

On this episode:
We talk with Mike and Kelley of Pipe Choir.

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Notes from the interview.



cannot remember if we talked about the microsong entries last time:

Kelley and Mike

Tom installs the farty app

PC now on Pandora...I think that’s new.

Mike does the recording

Kelley’s been involved for a long time

designing covers

4th book!

4 albums this year! collections up at


Lots of ways: iron on

spray paint

5 textbooks, to selling warehouse!

Creative Commons?

Soundcloud in 2013

new uses all the time!

Paul Stanley autobiography

Morrissey autobiography

WFMU - Chris Zabriskie


Pandora: “they are a pain in the ass”

8 years

New Record Label for Pandora and Guinness

had to have UPC

6 months to deny

do not put it up immediately

3 more coming on CD

Guinness officially released song

Thom Yorke (3 days)

10 year song!


Thom Yorke: dropbox link

Raymond_Scott and Brian_Eno

1999 Kelley and Mike went to The Mission UK



We should ask about suggestions since we are talking about community

We Are Castor: ryno the bearded show

singing voice is different than talking voice!

Never Wanted to Say” by Lorenzo's Music

Fortress (Demo) - by Pipe Choir

wrote it 10 years ago...4 recordings...and system got wiped.

upgraded a lot of equipment

recorded guitars was sterile.

new amp