Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Descenters - 140727 - Music Manumit Podcast

The Descenters


In this episode:
We talk with Matthew Stoff of The Descenters.
Here are Doug's notes from the interview.

Tell us about your music and tell us what’s new!
Funny story!

Started as a band, but became a one-piece.

He even plays live solo!

Alternative rock, post-punk, goth. Electronic drums

“WE’LL DO IT LIVE!” sorta.

Still shakey in the promotion regard he says...but he’s here

What software?
I don’t see the image Tom does: Image link

Ableton is ok for recording

ProTools also

What influences?
nothing pure!

melodic vocals: Placebo, Ian Curtis (Joy Division), Morrissey (The Smiths)

Matthew overlooked Talking Heads much like Tom overlooked The Smiths

“Burning Down the House” - Talking Heads

“It’s the End of the World As We Know It” - REM

New Album in February 2014

Intense couple of weeks!

Did they kick you out of the city?
moved from country to Melbourne.

Lots of the cultural stuff happens in the south

Much cooler in the south

lots of songs about the rain

All of it is self-recorded with Ableton. A selection of microphones

digital manipulation is cool

quick followup?
Not as quick as release seems.

EP recorded in 2012, but not released until there were CDs

always working on new material

“Creep” by Radiohead stories

you don’t just show up in the study

not sure what band he’s talking about. This one?

release set up takes a lot of time!

project completely up to him!


canvas pun!

coffee talk


post-graduate work now

not a lot of gigging yet, but going to try to get out more in next 6 months

half an album recorded for comic book project

Comic book?
Robot Boy Destroys the Universe -- experimental electronic music

experimental labels

“vaguely avant-garde”

What drew you to Creative Commons?
not much of a local way to get interesting ideas...except off the Internet

potential for revolution in approach to culture.

It’s a community thing as much as it is about individual expression

Why lock down art?

large numbers of people is liberating

How did you hear about Creative Commons?
Might have been in early 2000s

“The first set of copyright licenses was released in December 2002.”

Where did the project name originate?
originally collaboration

“an action of moving downward, dropping, or falling.”

“a person who dissents.”

Plushgoolash interview: link

“Smuggly Biege” is the other Plushgoolash

Who are some people you think we should try to get on the show (aka, who are the important people in Creative Commons music today)?
Disappointing that there isn’t more in Australia

Is there anything else you would like to say/tell us about?
writes fiction

Out going track: Waste You

A hostile song!

Going back to childhood