Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Fit and the Conniptions - 140720 - Music Manumit Podcast

Fit and the Conniptions - Sleeping Beauty

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In this episode:
We welcome back Wayne Myers of Fit and the Conniptions.

Here are Doug's notes from the interview.

First time on the show: Episode link


New (February) Album:


“Twelve years in the making, Sleeping Beauty was my first attempt at making a proper album, back in 2002.

Trouble was, I was spending most of my time having a complete nervous breakdown in that period, so I never finished it properly.

I did release what are, to my ears, somewhat half-arsed mixes of four of the tracks as an EP under the title 'Bush Of Thorns' - see the discography below right, if you must. As anyone who knew me then will attest, I was largely a complete waste of space all round at that point in my life, but I at least managed to keep the stems from the session, and I promised myself that I'd finish it properly one day. So here it is. Finally.

When I pulled the old stems out and dusted them off, I also promised myself that I wouldn't do any extra recording of anything. I almost got away with it. But Mistress Song was badly in need of a cello part and I was very lucky to get Danny Keane to record one for me. I also had to rerecord the guitar part for Bush of Thorns as the original was completely unusable. The one I rerecorded at Bonafide Studios in 2002, which you can hear on the Bush Of Thorns EP, never turned up.”

Tom tells a story about a man in a tent in a condo back door.

four of the tracks appear on:

the four “unreleased” tracks were old. is sold out of CDs

Is busking a sport?

Bon Jovi has been known to take to the streets from time to time. Among the most famous Bon Jovi busks were those at London's Covent Garden and Moscow's Red Square.[21]

Portableness of busking

lots of people in London have amps.

head-mounted mics are popular

physical work to play for a couple of hours without an amp, but psychologically demanding either way.

No singing when busking for Wayne now - 15 second segments are recognizable.

“the original elevator pitch”

Individual buskers have not gotten in trouble, but London Underground plays a PRS fee.

there are buskers that claim money from PRS for performing their own tracks

How many people are still involved?
Fit and the Conniptions are Wayne and Friends

Haven’t played with many of them recently

License clarification: some CC BY-SA & CC BY-NC-SA (for different albums)

“We’re all insane.” Very little money involved. People outside of London are making more money. Probably a problem in all major cities.

One upcoming show: info link

Brazilian cocktail!

Also, his birthday!

Opening act: george-frakes

Outgoing Track: Chez Tina

Up and down tour of France. No one killed anyone!

Concrete bunker on the beach

Cafe Tina - beautiful place.

American jazz musician

jammed at Tinas!

spent two weeks at Tinas!