Sunday, August 3, 2014

Three... No, four! - 140803 - Music Manumit Podcast

metal on metal
metal on metal (Photo credit: i k o)

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In this episode:
We hang out and talk about things with Craig from the Open Metalcast
Here are Doug's notes for the show.

First Open Metalcast: link

Other times Craig has been on Music Manumit:
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It is in fact four years!

It used to be a lot of world and electronic music.

There is metal on FMA: FMA Link

What are some good metal releases people should check out?

"Δrowning from Human Be[ing]" by Psygnosis


Didn’t mention these, but they’re currently on my phone:

Cajun metal:

Johnny Bravo: Brady Bunch

Another Johnny Bravo:

80s are coming back?

grunge killed metal...for a time.

Rod Stewart:

SoundCloud has it’s own set of issues

requested by C. Reider. We didn’t talk about it long, but here’s the URLs we had in prep 




For more discussion on ContentID, see episode link

We also discussed onerpm a couple times before:

episode link

another episode link

Is there a better word than remix? Reuse? Does reuse imply derivative work? Background music at a shop is a “use” but would fall under -ND.

Craig says “remix” is a loaded term, but he’s not sure there’s a better term.



A blank media levy was introduced in Canada in 1997, by the addition of Part VIII, "Private Copying", to the Canadian Copyright Act. The power to set rates and to set the distribution allocation is vested in the Copyright Board of Canada. The Copyright Board has handed the task of collecting and distributing the funds to the Canadian Private Copying Collective, which is a non-profit private organization...

More here - Link

A couple of metal and sorta-metal shows coming up (there are a few more on the tentative schedule)


10 - Broken Cities


07 - LeHunt (StoneAge Records)

Outgoing track: