Interview Details for Service Providers, Developers, Promoters, Etc.

If you are a musician releasing under a license which allows remix, you should check out our documentation for musicians.


We get a lot of questions about our interviews, so there is a lot here. If you only have a little bit of time to read, please read everything in Section I. Also please read Section II(1)(A)

0. Definitions
For the purposes of this document, we will use the following definitions.

"Service Provider" is any software developer, website operator, hardware manufacturer, promoter, fundraiser, business person, lawyer, videographer, venue operator, or any other provider of any service who works with or for musicians. Netlabelists and podcasters may fall in this category, but our documentation for musicians may be more applicable.

"Remixable music" generally means music released as CC0, CC BY, CC BY-SA, CC BY-NC, or CC BY-NC-SA. Essentially, this means no "ND" tag. We do not require Creative Commons, though we generally talk about those licenses. Public Domain works or Free Art works will also work. Remixable, in this context, means "able to be used by others." For example, if you would like film makers to be able to use your work without needing to contact you and ask for permission, you should be using a remixable license. Basically, we're talking about the ability to make derivative works.

1. Selection Criteria
Unlike musicians, we have no specific criteria for service providers. We will judge each service provider based on the offering and our show. For example, if we have interviewed several crowd-funding providers recently, we may not want to talk to another crowd-funding provider. 

2. Media:
Please do not use a phone or tablet for the interview unless you have a special mic for such a device. These devices tend to produce very poor audio quality and Hangout invites do not seem to act as they should on some tablet versions.

We have no preference Hangout versus Skype, other than Hangout gives us the opportunity to communicate visually. Please let us know which you prefer so we can set the technology appropriately.

2. A. Hangouts details:
The Hangout invite will come from Doug's personal account or Tom's account, so you should add those accounts so that you get the invite. We no longer do live Hangouts.

You can download the Hangout Plugin at

2. B. Skype details: 
Doug has two accounts (douglasawh and dawhitfield, probably the first) and Tom has one (tmray1).

Skype does not allow for video calls with multiple accounts on GNU/Linux. Thus, there will be no video, unless Doug is unable to attend for some reason. Regardless, the video will not be saved. Skype calls are not broadcast live.

You can download Skype at

3. When:
3. A. Americas
Our preferred recording time is Friday, 9PM (21h) US ET. This is non-negotiable, unless you qualify under I(3)(B).

3. B. Everybody else
You can pick from a Saturday 2:30PM (14:30) US ET slot or the I(3)(A) time slot.

4. Closing Track
We close each show with a recorded track. The closing track MUST be made available to the public under a remixable license. If you want us to make a selection, we are happy to do so. Please let us know if you prefer we pick. 

Tom will cut in the closing track when he edits the show on Sunday following recording. That said, the general workflow is for Doug to have the track in Music Manumit's shared storage before the show, so we know what we are talking about during the show.

5. Show Length
Our shows usually last 50-minutes or so. With sound check at the scheduled time, and perhaps some off-air loose ends to tie up at the end, expect to spend about an hour with us. If you have somewhere to be, please let us know and we can make sure we shorten the show.


If you still have questions, please read the rest of the document.

1. What will we ask you?
Aside from the two questions below, this is entirely dependent upon what type of service provider you are or represent. Tom usually does his research in the week leading up to the interview, so there is no way to say in advance. You can ask Tom what he is thinking, if you like.

We do always ask two questions:
A. We ask each guest to provide some musicians releasing under remixable license we should contact for future shows. If you don't know anyone releasing under a license that allows for remix, just let us know ahead of time, and we'll skip that question. Bonus points if you provide us with contact information!
B. See Section I(4).

2. Release
Assuming no technical difficulties, sickness, etc., shows are released on Sunday evenings, US Central time.

3. Language
We speak English. We've successfully used interpreters twice. Unfortunately, we don't have time to find interpreters every week, so if you would like to be on the show and do not speak English, you will need to arrange for an interpreter. It is possible we'll know someone, so feel free to ask - no guarantees. Also, the more lead time we have to find an interpreter, the better chance we have of finding an interpreter.

4. Ryno The Bearded
If you are here for Ryno's show, then you've come to the wrong place. Doug may have made a copy & paste fail. Doug does Ryno's scheduling, but it's totally different.