Interview Details for Musicians

If you are not a musician releasing under a license that allows remix, please see our details for service providers.

Tom and Doug do this show for free. Please be respectful and read the following information.

1. Making the "call":
Once you decide you are going to do the interview, please immediately tell us if you will be using 1(A) or 1(B) below.

Please use headphones.

Please do not use a phone or tablet for the show unless you have a specialty microphone for it. The audio quality on such devices is poor. This is an audio show, after all. If you have no other option, in most cases we will not be able to do the show.

We can do Google Hangouts or Skype. Please let us know which you prefer so we can set the technology appropriately.

1(A). Google Hangouts:
The hangout invite will come from Doug's personal account or Tom's account. In order to receive the invite, you will need to add those accounts. Please make sure you tell us which account(s) to use if there are multiple band members. We no longer do live Hangouts.

We do not record video. You do not need a webcam.

You can download the Hangout Plugin at

1(B). Skype:
At this time, we prefer Hangouts. You should add Doug (douglasawh and dawhitfield) and Tom (tmray1). Please tell us your Skype id you choose this option.

Skype does not allow for video calls with multiple accounts on GNU/Linux. Thus, there will be no video, unless Doug is unable to attend for some reason. Regardless, the video will not be saved. Skype calls are not broadcast live.

You can download Skype at

2. When:
2(A). AMERICA: North, Central and South
Our preferred recording time is Friday, 8PM (20h) US CT (Chicago, if you are looking it up by city). This is non-negotiable, unless you qualify under I(2)(B).

In case this is confusing since "CT" does not officially exist, we cannot put CST and it be correct all year, as we change between winter and summer time...called Standard and Daylight in the States.

2(B) EVERYONE ELSE: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia
You can pick from a Saturday 12:30PM (12:30) US CT  (Chicago, if you are looking it up by city) slot or the 2(A) time slot (aka Friday evening US).

Most of the year we are 7 hours behind Central European Time, but please double-check this in the fall and spring as USA changes time on a different day than most of the world now.

3. Questions That Catch People Out
3. A. Do you have anything to say about the closing track?
Doug (occasionally Tom) will pick out a closing track. If you wish, you can pick out a different one, but please make sure you tell us before the show. We will give you advanced notice about which track we pick.

3. B. Who should we contact for future shows? 
If you don't know anyone releasing under Creative Commons, just let us know ahead of time, and we'll skip that question. Bonus points if you provide us with contact information!

Previously, we had more questions answered here, but people generally did not read them. If you are looking for more info to prepare for interviews, we have always told people the best way to prepare is to listen to some old shows.