Sunday, September 11, 2016

Ergo Phizmiz - 160911 - Music Manumit Podcast

Ergo Phizmiz
Ergo Phizmiz

In this episode:
We start with a discussion about Non-Commercial licenses, and later, the musician Ergo Phizmiz joins us to talk about what he's been up to.

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Notes from the interview

91 "albums" at

A few things:

Ergo Phizmiz is dead?

It was a name that stuck. The persona starts to make unwritten demands on the work.

So, what is the new project and name?
Slowing the production publicly. More development time. More curation now.

Agiprop opera on “British situation” ...Doug assumes Brexit, but maybe not.

One opera does not have a name.

Lots of theatre work

New album with new name

More information on partial "anonymity":

Gilbert and Sullivan:

2010: phone call from avant-garde leader in Rotterdam

Teenage Operas were lost!

The Mourning Show Opera

Thought process?
Slow, with a notebook

Some in the past, but that has broken down a bit, and now building it back up

London group is a new.

New album coming up from a group without a name.

Pop artist?
Paper collage!

Piano as well: spontaneous writing

Finished products important

Laying sidewalks on the agenda

Coming up?
More theatre: Alex Temple is coming back on

Also, more “classical” music: Jason Weinberger

What drew you to Creative Commons?

Music was used for a fascist party (BNP)



Is there anything else you would like to say/tell us about?
Collage film, 1955, cut from 1955 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

No idea when it will be out

Series of wonderful glances. Sherlock Holmes TV in public domain in UK

Theatre piece

New EP coming out

Super pop album, as previously mentioned

Doug picks a closing track:

From an ongoing project about sport.

Celine Dion does not rate highly on celebrity golf tour.

"It could be beautiful"