Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cheyenne Hohman/Free Music Archive II - 160918 - Music Manumit Podcast

Cheyenne Hohman
Cheyenne Hohman

This episode:
Cheyenne Hohman of the Free Music Archive visits the show again!

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Notes from the interview

Last time: cheyenne-hohman-150712-music-manumit

Previous FMA shows:

Andrea: fma-3-in-3d-130115-music-manumit-podcast

Andrea on Jazzcast: jazzcast-summer-series-episode-4-with

Jason (after he left FMA): jason-sigal-2-electric-boogaloo-120806

Jason: music-manumit-podcast-free-music

- the current fundraiser!

The progress banner/banner is accurate for just this campaign.

In-house operation. WFMU does homegrown fundraising, and it works for them.

FMA uses Stripe. Paypal could also be an option, but Paypal takes a percentage

Stripe is same as last time.

Stripe has a lot of things! (according to Tom)

Annual campaign, but you can donate anytime.

Lots of avant-garde, noise, etc.

End of year campaigns and holidays a problem for competition.

Two $3 donations.

- new mobile app

Android app came later because it took a while to find

Amazon Echo app could happen (Bose speaker you can talk to)

- Flash player?

Still a thing!

- FMA got another developer!

Two part-time developers (they each work one day a week)

Ross is still a developer. Eric is the new guy. They are friends in Milwaukee.

The nitty gritty is emails and customer service stuff.

Some new people to CC.

- What is a good way to get on the FMA? (there is a step-by-step guide)

Some roads are easier than others

Recently a genre count. There is an overwhelming amount of experimental and electronic

Curation: experimental is experimental!

- First time when Jason Sigal was on

Not a dumping ground


Tom says it is useful!

4 FAQs now!

Licensing guide

- Weirdness?

Sometimes it happens

Database issues before

- FMA Limited

Still a thing. Just ask!

Question from Cheesetruck on twitter: What's your favorite Netlabel release of 2016 so far?

Planet Terror retrospective playlist


Synthesis is big part of creative process, especially in the digital world

- autocorrect zine?

Not yet?

Friends everywhere!

- FMA growth: its benefits and consequences

More comments

More spam!

More real blogs

- FMA passed the 100K song mark!

Stirring things up with contests and such. More social media

More people means more traffic, which means higher bandwidth bills.

- volunteer opportunities with the FMA

Make mixes!

You can just suggest Songs of the Day!

Big name in FMA might not be Song of the Day because already getting traffic

Let her know about any contests going on.

- hip hop seems to be 'having a moment' at FMA right now (yay!)

No one knows why.

Folk and country for 8 months, but last 3 months it has been hip hop

Closing track: "Beat Cook Up 5" by J Blanked On This Beat - CC BY

New submitter!

Entire release is good, but this is a good closer