Sunday, October 25, 2015

State Shirt 2 - 151025 - Music Manumit Podcast

State Shirt

In this episode:
Joining us again on the show, State Shirt.

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Notes from the interview.

The glasses Doug has:

Last time: state-shirt-150419-music-manumit-podcast

New album on CD:

sold lots!


Halo of Flies: halo-of-flies-151011-music-manumit

a couple of drop outs in the tape!

KISS! (made the show notes this time)

Yes album:

Yahama 4-track sucked, but you could overdrive musician

CD Baby for digital distribution

iTunes Connect is dead?

Why dragging feet?

the business side is a drag...sometimes Grammy winners have day jobs

State Shirt loves his job!

creativity can be difficult...clear goal this time

specific limitations useful!

cover song:

one last look to the past!

New music video?

Scott Pagano:

Closing track:

“came from a dream” -- a woman is suicidal, but fights robots

you’re set on destroying yourself
listen to the words that you say
shouting it from the rooftops
it seems the whole world has gone away
the risk i take to be your man
i can’t take to save your life
high above the rooftops no
you can take your life tonight
it’s so cold
freeze your soul
planes fly low
dear god, no
it’s a sign
take the step and you don’t fall
float away we don’t care much at all
rise above and grab the lights
it burns your head, you’re filled with spikes
look below we are ants you can crush
one by one they are all meaningless
it burns your eyes it burns your eyes
what have you done
it burns us all
it’s all undone.
take down the sun
androids or robots?

some success, but still want people to listen