Sunday, October 18, 2015

Andrew Weathers 3 - 151018 - Music Manumit Podcast

Andrew Weathers

In this episode:
Musician Andrew Weathers joins us again!

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Notes from the interview.

Previously: andrew-weathers-140427-music-manumit


not quite a commune

on tour last couple of weeks: Richmond, VA to Jackson, MS

this other thing:

constellation tatsu:

maybe the last Andrew Weathers Ensemble!

Andrew Weathers and The Real Life Rock ‘n’ Roll Band

one EP on a 7’’ in punk

for first time weekly practice

Deadwood ...or the British horror?

west coast tour time-consuming

east coast rocks.

Who does this? Andrew!

Andrew has been touring since 19!

kids are the worst...also, people move.

not clubs, because DIY spaces

art galleries, houses, and stuff

Andrew and Eric (cellist) for east coast tour

west coast had four rooms don’t really work

the music fits the space.

touring is networking

27 8 years!

classical composing process is slow...doesn’t work for Andrew

“first thought, best thought”


record it anyway, because the original might

Big Sur:

The other Portland, in case you are confused why Tom clarified:,_Maine

life philosophy: two guitars, bass, and drums

FTE out of Hudson, NY

“For the show, he also wrote and sang the theme song "Good Ol' Boys", which became the biggest hit of his career.” - Waylon_Jennings


rock is not Andrew Weathers


basically, Loverboy and Nirvana are the same thing.

The Wire, not Wired: need to be a subscriber to read it online


label artists don’t have subscriptions

Patreon...still on the radar

Christopher Willits: Christopher_Willits



Who makes the records? FTE knows!

press of 20!

250 “Fuck Everyone” from Pirate Press


Eric Hall:

100th birthday of william s. burroughs on-february-5th-2014



closing track: Andrew Weathers - “For Peace and Harmony Free Titans” (Upcoming)

field recordings from Kansas and further west

title comes from pinball game