Sunday, May 3, 2015

Gurdonark Returns - 150503 -Music Manumit Podcast


In this episode:
Back on the show again, musician Gurdonark

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Notes from the interview.

Previous show: gurdonark-121113-music-manumit-podcast

And the Jazzcast: jazzcast-summer-series-episode-6

no zoning in Houston: will-houstons-city-plan-transform-this-no-zoning

Previous talk on Houston:




Whole album coming out on We Are All Ghosts netlabel:

7 minutes is the longest: 40-50 minutes of music on album

something Bob should think about for his elven story:


Thomas Mathey

Earth Monkey stopped doing new releases

song then title

just a bit of noise

“In Concert”:

open source communities similar to cc community

he started on ccmixter in 2005:

Great suggestions before: Who should have you on?

Classwar Karaoke

Entertainment for the Braindead

closing track: Constellation Blackbird

what if you love jazz, but can’t make it?

what if there ought to be percussion?