Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ardour - 150510 - Music Manumit Podcast

Deutsch: from the official ardour-homepage: ht...
Deutsch: from the official ardour-homepage: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this episode:
Paul Davis who created the open source multi-tracking software Ardour.

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Here are the notes from the show.

wikipedia page

East Coast, but...

France, Ukraine, Nashville, everywhere!

How long?

1999 - RME had brought out a new version.


Needed an editor!

Would have stopped!

Feature set never stops expanding

Paul: All software has this problem!

Doug’s unspoken note: yes, yes it does

Waves audio in Tel Aviv: Waves_Audio

Why not Windows?
competitor with ProTools...Paul called digidesign didn’t want a Linux version

"hubris in the extreme"

lots of people use ProTools, but many don’t like it.


No DAW is going to make everyone happy!


Have to figure out JACK

Windows version now available...but no support!

KVR forum

JACK is no longer a requirement for ardour 4.

mixbus ← commercial DAW that uses same tech as ardour internal

now video in Ardour!

Ardour press: reasons-new-free-ardour-4-daw-good-news/

video came with 3.1

quit programming in 1996 and became stay at home parent.

haven’t tried to make music in a decade.

keyboards are there for testing midi function.

six months of playing cello was valuable!

What happens when the kids don’t want you around?

So much really great music requires other people.

"Internet bands": Tryad, The Mind Orchestra, ccmixter

chatting becomes more real

lots of visual cues and listening!

"Internet bands" are a new art form!

mixbus is ardour with some other stuff...

ardour does not supply DSP's.

fader and panic is all that is there.

In the future, ardour may bundle some DSPs

version 3 added midi

Garrison again!

IRC channel is useful!

“real time” development!

Doug’s note: 2 minutes is pretty damn good, technically real time or not!

10 minutes on a Sunday afternoon!

Paypal alternative:

Paypal is the only international option.

Anyone we should talk to?
he’ll get back to us!

Anything we missed?
monthly releases are coming back!

God is Gravity on bandcamp - Link

Closing Track-
Alex O’Brien - "Accelerator": Link