Sunday, March 22, 2015

Open Goldberg II - 150322 - Music Manumit Podcast

Goldberg Variations

In this episode:
Robert from Open Goldberg returns.

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Unfortunately, Kimiko couldn’t make the interview.

Last time: open-goldberg-140406-music-manumit

The new one: bach-well-tempered-clavier-book-1


diving into obscure musicology

You want to get it right!

Bach revised the manuscript. There were new editions.

Bach revised the publications

9 “authority” sources

copy & paste would have saved

PDF is available from the bandcamp/website score

Beck album sheets of music:

no copy & paste on paper!

"semantically meaningful"

Bach was sparring with his paper

this version, 180 pages, but electronic

current additions are 130 pages.

Bach’s addition was much shorter

took 6 days to record the 48 pieces

2 thunderstorms!

YouTube videos?
most from studio --- from the studio: youtube playlist

some from tours --- from the tour

Any news on the Braille edition?

stretch goal was not met for all of them. Open Goldberg to Braille is new,

~$300 for a stand Braille edition braille-edition-open-goldberg-variations

classical music industry has ignored the

every reviewer has said they like it better than Glenn Gold (

Pay for your recording!

Find a way to distribute it: Bandcamp

Content ID, iTunes, etc. --

iTunes has changed!

no ETA yet on distrokid getting things fixed

PR is similar to any product

national press, magazines, radio, TV, twitter, bloggers

distributed through a label Navona Records link

find a way to contact them!


LinkedIn (pro subscription...but you still need a network) and Twitter (sent about 100 tweets -- 80% success rate)

How to talk about things in a way to interest them?

call to action very important!

Next endeavor?

Starting really soon!

Record Chopin on a Pleyel piano Chopin used!



closing track: fugue no24 in b-minor

disorienting and dissonant. listen to it 20 times

People were crying

Same intro music that open "Bad Romance" link