Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ampslam - 150329 - Music Manumit Podcast


In this episode:
We talk with Thomas Giannini from the music promotion site Ampslam

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Notes from the interview.

Doug and Mr. Giannini met at the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit in October 2014.

Tom Ray - the animator

What is AmpSlam?


PRO - Performance Rights Organizations --

not a mobile-friendly site

SoundExchange -

iHeartRadio -

Appetite for Self-Destruction


Big 3: Warner, Sony, Universal

Gene Simmons says hip hop artists get the bling

Tunecore and CD Baby --

Joomla --

Monovox won a Garage Band thing! Yay!

Outgoing track: "I Never Wanted to Say" by Lorenzo's Music - CC BY-SA - Download