Sunday, October 26, 2014

Magma Dragon - 141026 - Music Manumit Podcast

Magma Dragon

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In this episode:
We talk to Dan from the band Magma Dragon

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Here are Doug's notes from the interview

Dan from Magma Dragon

Where did the project name originate?

It’s a thing! Primal Dragon. Sea, Sky...and Magma

Table Top RPG - Chaotic Grumpy

It sounds good!

“one can dream”


Dan went to UW and lived in Madison for 10 years.

Tell us about your music and tell us what’s new!

In a bunch of bands. Dave is the drummer, which was a founder.

death metal and black metal are big in Milwaukee

commercial success: not Milwaukee and not metal

Other bands aren’t metal.

The Dark Klan?


Comes from a variety of places. Some is commissioned

keyboard player has music degree (as does Dan)

Music career

ghostwritten - Electronic Saviors for fighting cancer

Lots of bands

What drew you to Creative Commons?

Dark Klan:


remixes have been good!

How did you hear about CC?


They explained things!

Zabriskie was in porn...well, his music was: chris-zabriskie-140823-music-manumit

Lorenzo’s Music is gaming asshole music!

Do any of your bands play outside of Milwaukee?

formerly to tour both US and Europe.

three or four years ago was last big tour.

It doesn’t make sense in the same way.

laptop doesn’t do any sequencing...just a tone generator.

Kara is new lead singer for Magma Dragon!

In ear monitoring system helps hugely with harmony.

Night and day!

He records rehearsals...which Doug thinks more bands should do and release

Outgoing track: "Rune Giant" by Magma Dragon (CC BY)

Pathfinder games.

“Rune Giants” are a lot like attack on Titan