Sunday, October 19, 2014

Black Ant - 141019 - Music Manumit Podcast

Black Ant

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In this episode:
We talk with musician Black Ant

Here are Doug's notes from the interview.

Newer stuff appears to be all copyright:

A couple of different Black Ants

middle name is Black ANT

he came up with it at 16




How’d you get into it?

Music House/Columbia House

at 13 he got fruity loops and got addicted. He’s been doing it for about 10 years

808 documentary:

Tell us about your music and tell us what’s new!

Hard to describe...lots of people don’t know what “hip hop” is

more dance projects...some aggressive


Delivery guy for Papa Johns

Basic Channel:

What’s your set up?

MPC 1000:

Korg - “really cool”

Yahama -

Roland - power cord leaves the powerful Roland powerless

can’t do shows with midi.

sounds into the MPC

now and again, he uses fruity loops

MPC is limited because only two effect channels

2012 track mixer

audio processing in Windows:

What drew you to Creative Commons?

Mickey Roberts

From email:

i did the score to this documentary, with my boy buyable. that shit was cool.
Chris Bravo is the director

What are your other projects, if any?

Worked with a lot of people off SoundCloud

From email:

“i also just released a 50 minute mix on soundcloud this morning.

i made it march of 2014. it has a variety of beats that i made through the years, but specifically 2013. i have two beats on there that aint mine. the one with the russian dude rapping. that's my boy raaamil from ufa russia, he made the beat. and aldo rapped over it. both dudes are real cool, i met em on the internet and i have collaborated with both dudes on various projects. then the second to last beat on the mix, is from my dude buyable. we did the score together on that documentary. and we're just good long time friends and shit.

Some people from Cincinnati

Sochi...more like North Carolina than Florida, perhaps:

Is there anything else you would like to say/tell us about?

Outgoing track: "tc" is a type of Scion

used the vocoder on the Korg