Monday, September 15, 2014

Introduction to Aaron Wolf and

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Expected Audience: Those interested in financially supporting free culture and having their free culture works financially supported.

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Ever since Nick and I decided to start what would become Netizen Empowerment Federation in January 2012, I have been thinking a lot about financial sustainability. It's the main reason I decided to broaden the scope of the Lawcast.

I think has a lot of promise for financial sustainability, but it isn't ready yet. I've spent some time today preparing to get people together to discuss what can be done now - or if waiting really is the best option. I decided that having a discussion where the focus was "get us from now to" did not make a lot of sense if people weren't familiar with has an overwhelming amount of documentation and even if it was a little less overwhelming, some people wouldn't read it. That's why I have decided to provide subscribers with the audio to this interview.

Unfortunately, the audio is still a bit overwhelming at over two hours. Perhaps Aaron has the time to make it to our panel. Perhaps Aaron and I can do a shorter interview. I'll see what I can do.

For now, as said by Aaron:
"The show is a bit over two hours long and covers topics including: copyright, music business, economics, participatory vs performance-based music, philosophy of art, barbershop harmony, software freedom, and more. Overall, it's a good casual summary of my whole personal story of my life and career and how I came to my current understanding and feelings on these topics."

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