Sunday, September 28, 2014

Broken Cities III - 140928 - Music Manumit Podcast

Broken Cities - Approaching Luna

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In this episode:

We meet again with the band Broken Cities.
Here are Doug's notes from the interview.

Other two times on Music Manumit:



new album:

“which was the style the at the time”

onions on your belts

Ploy Bashore? -- Pauly Shore

Fiver or TaskRabbit (

Copyright on Letterman:

an-a-moi (three syllabus)

They think about the titles of the tracks. It’s a concept the other two!

idea versus concepts?

recorded themselves and in studio.

Nick is a wizard! (also an audio engineer)

Guitars tracked with

CM90 is the mic

pedalstar gallactica -- staked nerd!

Same jerk from last album!

Fiver for a roadie!

Kenan and Rory ← together they make one fan

“Did the Google”

Rob Gugel

one track a day for 6 days!

animated gif as album cover...not supported by bandcamp


It always seems logical to bands when they are told.

Jeremy, Andrew

visual artists are more protective than musicians?

not a wide variety at shows a lot.

conversation about Creative Commons opens up conversation about distribution

more important to get music in someone’s ears than to get money out of their wallets

terrible strategy to release album by album

Thunderclap: david-rovics-140608-music-manumit

The Video: Were you involved?

Andrew and Jeremy let them know. They asked how much involvement

Directed by: Jeremy Williams

Produced by: Matt Schleicher and Jeremy Williams

Director of Photography: Andrew Kent

First AD: Hilton Day

A-Cam: Amy Schleicher

B-Cam: Steve Kaye

1st AC: Anthony Parisi

Editor: Jeremy Williams

Electrical: Marissa Vonn

Makeup: Shirley Do

Set Design: Natacha Lucienne Bensoussan

Craft Services/Amazing Support: Bill Schleicher

PA: Allie Franke, Mel Rosenberg

BTS Photography: JJ Harris

Winston: Blake Webb

Jessica: Lindsay Wolf

Doctor: Leland Thompson

Nurse 1: Natacha Lucienne Bensoussan

Nurse 2: Allie Franke

Agent 1: Court Bivens

Agent 2: Bryan Thompson

Extra Agents: Mark Gremban, Michael Caliando, Michael Bordalampe, Eric Wiley, David De La Mora

Special Thanks: Kelly O’Hair, Tony Gelardi, Larry Cauble, Bruce Gibson, Michael Conway, Katie O'Brien, Will McHenry, Thom Reinstein, Linden Street Brewery, Bill Schleicher, Susan Schleicher, John Bordalampe, Cody Chavarria, and Chad Cochran.

Fire dong!

blacksmithing episode

Show on the album coming at

Approaching Luna:

this is where the story

90-page comic book script

“How does this riff make you feel?”

“it helps us get to the end of the song”

bank of riffs

“scoring an imaginary movie”

“are you guys high right now?”

outgoing track: