Sunday, June 1, 2014

CCmixter II - 140601 - Music Manumit Podcast

"Susan" by My Lovely Wife
"Susan" by My Lovely Wife (Photo credit: Puzzler4879)

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In this episode:

We talk again with Susan Joseph of

Here are Doug's notes from the interview.

ccmixter was designed to decriminalize remixing.

Lots of places use it.

Several places that promote ccmusic.

Jamendo, FMA -- musical community!

last time we had Susan on: episode link

5/30-6/13 - songwriter/unplugged/folk

featured in the Pleiades Unplugged Lounge

6/13-6/27 - reggae/funk/blues/rock

featured on the Omega Roots Stage

6/27-7/11 - alternative/rock/pop-rock

playing in the Andromeda Alternative Theatre

7/11-7/25 - ambient/downtempo/groove/chill/experimental/soundscape

sounding off in the Spirograph Soundscape Room

7/25-8/8 - hip hop/triphop

rumbling on the Hubble Hip-Trip Stage

8/8-8/22 - house/dance/breakbeat/trance/dubstep/dnb, , ,


soaring in the Deep Space Ten Tent

8/28-8/30 - culminating in three days of live-streaming all genres!

in The Galaxies Theater



CCPlus! ← we spoke about this last time, actually

ccmixter/tunetrack not list
“Isn't CC+ just a technological facilitation of dual licensing?

Yes. A copyright holder who uses a Creative Commons license is already adding a license on top of their copyright. CC+ can make it easier for that copyright-holder to add other non-exclusive licenses/agreements as alternatives.“

episode link

talked about them some here too: episode link & episode link

Lorenzo’s Music is using CASH Music!

Here's what she sent me via email:

"Starting last year, with my collaborators, I composed a multi-media theatrical production called PRAYER that was presented in LA and Seattle this February. Yesterday, we were offered an opportunity to do a 5 or 6 run of the show! PRAYER is essentially a song cycle presented with video projections, movement, live and pre-recorded music, drama, etc. All of the music, and some of the images, used in the piece are cc-licensed. I involved the ccmixter community by providing stems from the show to be remixed and then incorporating some of the remixes into the show. In addition, I featured a playlist of the remixes on my website and on interactive media at the performances. If interested, you can learn more on my new website (which I will have to update once details of our new run are solidified)."

PRAYER is a song-cycle that Susan wrote and composed. Since 2009, SackJo22 has partnered with Evie Ruth and Angela Grillo (“The Reflective Collective”) in the development of multi-media theatrical works created to express the transformative power of dreams and other subconscious material.

another 3-week run in LA. June 22nd. each weekend.

background vocals. dueting. etc. There’s an album coming out...eventually.

Part of the festival will be a fundrasier. ccMixter has never done any fundraising.

You can donate to ccmixter through Paypal: link

Susan has been involved for 5 years!

- at the beginning Susan didn’t have software

Out-going track “Eye of the Owl” with spoken word