Sunday, June 22, 2014

C. Reider - 140622 - Music Manumit Podcast

C. Reider - The Plangents

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In this episode:
C. Reider visits to show again to talk.

Here are Doug's notes from the show, until he lost his connection that is.

First interview: episode link

Doug: Tea

Chris: Beer

Coffee Beer: Audience thoughts?

Fruit Beer: Audience thoughts?

Chris is not a fan of beer and sweet

jelly bean beer is a bad experience (according to Tom)

beer flavored jelly is not very good (according to Chris)

What’s old? (aka refresh us!)

Three netlabels

online archives of drone forest and another archive

What about ccmixter?

There’s so much on the internet.

Doug drops out...

Doug comes back when discussing

“no beats, no melody”

“just shitting out the music”

...and the live feed goes down...

And the questions we were going to ask, and maybe Tom did, but Doug doesn't know because no one else can invite him back to the Hangout...

What’s new, musically?

Anyone new with which we should speak?

Anything we missed?

Closing track:
The Place Where He Ought to Have Been
from The Plangents by C. Reider - Download on bandcamp CC-BY-NC-SA