Monday, August 6, 2012

Jason Sigal 2 Electric Boogaloo - 120806 - Music Manumit Podcast

Lame Drivers on WFMU

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In this episode:
We check in again with Jason Sigal from the band Lame Drivers & Home Blitz and former manager at the Free Music Archive.

The Lame Drivers flexi-disc ep + 12" lp Kickstarter campaign we talk about on the show is now live!

Here are Doug's notes and links taken during the show.

Lame Drivers previously on Music Manumit:

What’s new at the FMA & WFMU?
WFMU - Listener supported radio station
Jason is still involved, even though he “stepped down”

How is the Lame Drivers tour going?
Just finished the first part of the tour.

Jason also plays bass in Home Blitz -

Where have you been on the tour?
11 days on “East Coast”

What is the relationship between Creative Commons and the other members of the band?
Square People also CC on BandCamp

Good bands are key to a good show!

Get Him Eat Him had a booking agent!

Bee Hive Recordings in Detroit:

Tom says “MP3 of the Day” on FMA is very cool

What other tour stories do you have?
No awful shows! Always fun to play house shows!

OmniCorp Detroit (OCD) hackerspace -

artwork for the "Minimize" flexi disc - Mayuko Fujino

What cities are on the “2nd leg” of the tour?
Home Blitz is on the label Mexican Summer

Freak Fandango Orchestra at WFMU?
Jason wasn’t physically there, but enjoyed listening

Original version on WFMU playlist.
What is happening with Talk is Cheap after you leave?
He took the summer off, but is hoping to get back on the regular schedule

There are “no rules” at WFMU.

What are you studying and where?
NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program
Mixed group -- Electric Engineers, Dancers, etc.
TISCH is Art!

Has the Jamendo controversy been good for FMA donations?
Lame Drivers on Jamendo!

FMA and Vimeo!
We talked about it, but we’re talking about it again!

Tyler Brooks:

David Van Doccum - interim director of FMA


New Haven next Sunday??
Lame Drivers has west coast tour coming up!

Lots of stuff from Bad Panda!