Friday, July 13, 2012

5. Discussion with Creative Commons Korea

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In this episode we speak with DaYe Jung of CC Korea.

Expected Audience: Anyone interested in Creative Commons generally.

UPDATE: Thanks to the episode getting tweeted by the official Creative Commons account this show already has our highest page hit count within half an hour of posting. I just want to take this opportunity to say we have upcoming scheduled interviews with CC South Africa, CC Japan and CC Canada as well as other guests. We are also looking for help with the project. If you want to get involved, there is contact information at the bottom of the post.

1) What are some of the differences you see in Korean copyright/CC and Canadian copyright/CC?

We find out that she’s not Canadian!

2) Has Korea adopted a more English or a more continental system of copyright or do they have something dissimilar to both?

More continental with moral rights!
Free Trade Agreement has made things more American. Neighboring copyright is +70.

3) Is CC Korea strictly south of the DMZ?

North Korea signed Berne, but no one on the call knows what their deal is.

4) What is the CC culture like in Korea? (that is, in what media is CC most used. Is it widely used?)

CC blogs are big! That’s how DaYe got involved. Some famous bloggers (called “power bloggers”) use it.
Nick Followup: reluctance? different culture.
Doug Followup: free software? Not a lot of info.

5) How does the CC affiliate system work?

CC Asia-Pacific network (Australia is in this one)
in 2010 there was a huge summit in Korea. The meetings are regular.

6) Are there any alternatives to the CC licenses? For example, some in the French-speaking world use

Before CC, there was a Free Use License by IP Left.

7) Has the TPP recently been in the news in Korea? It has been here and it looks like Korea has been in negotiations in the past:

As mentioned in the article, this is a big deal:

KBS is similar to the BBC.

8) Are there any exceptions or special circumstances for music in Korean copyright? In the US, for example Chapter 10 of the Copyright Act is titled "Digital Audio Recording Devices and Media", Chapter 11 is "Sound Recordings and Music Videos" but there is no chapter which is specifically about photography, books or anything other than semi-conductor chips.

Neighboring rights for instrumentalists. That’s also with actors as well.
Neighbors cannot transfer right.

9) Are there any Korean CC success stories you'd like to share?

Web search tool call
lots of experimentation with the business model.

10) What are your favorite CC musicians?

Hip Hop
YEIZON ← mainstream guys that volunteered for CC
Seoul Digital Forum - CC session rapper from YEIZON

Another Korean band:

Art Happening

Korea has a different Internet culture!

11) and we always there anything else you would like to share?

OpenData Hackathon.

Outro music:"Up Up Up Up Up (YEIZON Remix)" by YEIZON (rap-rock) - CC BY-NC-SA - Website
Original track by State Shirt (
Performed at SDF2012 (Seoul Digital Forum 2012)

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