Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4. Is Law School Right for You?

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In this episode Nick and I explore the specific circumstances of our two law schools, University of the District of Columbia and University of New Hampshire.

Two biggest take aways:
1) Do your research.
2) Think about your *life*.

I apologize for the general terrible audio quality. I had to do a lot of filtering to get Nick and I to have reasonably similar levels.

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Target audience: People who are considering attending law school. This is a pretty broad conversation, but it may be of slightly more interest to people considering practicing intellectual property or public interest law.

Nick and I actually recorded this almost two months ago, but due to arranging interviews (next one is tomorrow night!) and some technical issues (which will no longer be issues thanks to Charles Roth!), I am just getting the editing done. I hope you enjoy!
-Where will you work?
Have an idea of where you want to be and a good roadmap how to get there.
-How much and what kind of debt you take on will affect what kind of job you can take. High debt limits your options, but so does attending a less well-known school.
UDC-DCSL has among the lowest tuition in the nation at $7000 / year, ($14,000 if you live outside DC) but this is likely higher now.
Doug, upon learning that in-state tuition for DCSL is only available to DC citizens, and not those in the MD & VA suburbs asks if Wyoming - the state with a smaller population than DC - has a state law school; it does. University of Wyoming’s Law School has pretty low tuition, too.
Attending in schools where part time is an option means that you can cover your living expenses with work rather than debt.
UNH is $41,000 a year.
Some law schools are very competitive and people tear up and hide books!
UDC-DCSL is a more collegial environment.
Relationships between administration and faculty?
Very warm and welcoming faculty and admin at DCSL, less so at UNH.
DCSL had an undergrad at the same location when Nick attended -  some but a pretty small amount of discord. UNH does not (the UNH undergrad is in Durham).
Advice from Edgar Cahn (founder of DCSL):
“You need to apologize early and often for the effect that law school will have on your relationships with your family.”
Law school widow vs. law school nurse?

Health effects of law school -- sedentary work, eyestrain, less exercise.

For more information, you can listen to Legal Lad:

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