Monday, October 31, 2011

Music Manumit Podcast - A Bit O' History - 111031

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In this episode:
Tom talks about an article on the Tunecore blog with a very inaccurate view of how Creative Commons works.
And Bandcamp releases it's own Facebook app.
Ad we talk to Doug's roommate Manuel who has some very interesting stories about the history of copyright and how he got involved though out his career.
And Tom rants about Ke$ha a bit too.

Here are Dougs notes from the conversation:

Creative Commons in Argentina and Latin America generally.
Death and creditors in the “European World”
Anything else you want to share.

GEMA copyfraud

(Maurice Ravel) 19th century French artist is the basis of Argentinian
friend of Victor Hugo
“The Berne Convention was developed at the instigation of Victor Hugo of the Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale.”

Musicians Guild


Maria Elena Walsh

Oh, I found this one:


Lugosi v. Universal

Fred Astaire Dirt Devil:

Woody Allen Filmography:

Adult Entertainment Performance rights (our daily dose of SEO):


From email:
Author's Rights in Argentina: two sided coin: Moral and Economic rights

Moral rights in Latin America/Continental Europe,
The “equivalent” for moral rights in the US:
nontransferable , non-execution, non-waive, no statute limitations (no loss or change over time)
Berne Convention 6 bis: Derivative works - integrity - deformation - mutilation (if can affect reputation and honor)
Divulge / non divulge / retract

Creative commons enforcement:
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