Sunday, February 3, 2013

In Check - 130203 - Music Manumit Podcast

Biotech 2011-10-24 15-35-32-64
Biotech 2011-10-24 15-35-32-64 (Photo credit: andybient)

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In this episode:
We jaw a bit about the new Mega site. Did it shatter the industry?
The new CEO of Creative Commons Cathy Casserly
and this an that and in between.


Here are the notes Doug took during the show.

brief mention of how Doug is not in a bad mood, but can still complain with the best of them!
brief mention of how Doug does not like the Super Bowl (and something sorta related)
brief shout out to CC CEO -

Aaron Swartz

What’s the deal with Mega? - link

super brief mention of things coming on the lawcast:
Week 2: Copyright: Access to Knowledge
Week 3: Patent: Access to Marine Energy Resources
Week 4: ICANN
Week 5: Product Development PPPs
Week 6: Foreign Rights Holders
Week 7: Trademark: Access to Grey Market Goods
Week 8: Traditional Knowledge
Week 9: Agricultural, Biotech and Genetic Resources
Week 11: Trademark: GIs and Development
Week 12: Patent: Access to Medicines
Week 13: Review and finish up papers

Thing that Tom posted but then didn’t talk about: