Saturday, July 10, 2010

Music Manumit Podcast - Hey That's My Stuff! | 100710

In this episode:
We've talked on previous shows about the benefits of licensing your work under creative commons. This time we talk to someone who had to enforce it's misuse by a handful of news outlets.

We talk with Pete Prodoehl, who's been involved in many disciplines of the creative arts, from music to photography, as well as videography, writing, drawing, and general computer hackery. Pete has been involved in open source software, and many other open initiatives such as BarCamp, Bucketworks, Web414, and MilwaukeeDevHouse. Check out Pete's music here. And the his photography here.

Pete tells us the story of how the media used one of his works, and the outcome of his pursuit to make them follow the CC license.

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