Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jamendo 2 - 161023 - Music Manumit Podcast

Martin Guerber from Jamendo

In this episode:
Martin from the creative commons music site Jamendo

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Notes from the interview.

Last time: episode link

Re-redesign? It was a year ago. We tried to get them on then.

New app for Android/iOS. Very similar to responsive web version.

App came out soon after!

How is Jamendo dev team? 8 people. 7 devs, and one manager.

1 dev is UX/graphic design.

Always been a music platform, where you can upload music. No filters.

“Only WAV, FLAC or AIFF (16 bit/24 bit, 44.1 kHz/48 kHz, 1 or 2 channels) files are accepted. The maximum file size is 480 MB. Any album that is less than two minutes in full length will be subject to moderation.”

What about C3S?

Still posting on twitter:

Posted this year:

Doug exchanged tweets with them about a year ago



Wolfgang Senges left C3S

Jamendo Sales?

There’s a reseller program:


There’s a gap due to data collection time.

Artist interface is getting a redesign.


What countries?

Not contained to Europe. Brazil, Chile, South Korea, Japan

Canada and US on the docket: NPR

Is there a process for labels to sign up for Jamendo?

Not online, but could try to do something.

Anything else?

User profile pages are going to be public. More social! YAY! (says Doug)

News etc. on artist pages

User profile in a couple of weeks!

Closing track: - CC BY

From the email: “It's a really nice goodbye track, just released in the past few weeks, it has that melancholy and underlying feeling of closure.

It's only the second single from British-born, Australia-based musician Zack Linton since he first appeared on Jamendo last year, and his bluesy rock sound is so good, so well written and produced, I just can't get enough from the guy. I'm going to need to start harassing him to release more tunes!”