Sunday, September 25, 2016

Alex Temple II - 160925 - Music Manumit Podcast

Alex Temple
Alex Temple

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Musician Alex Temple joins the show again

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Notes from the interview

Last time:


Early 2013.

Auston from Spektral Quartet

Didn’t work out in 2013 with Julia but performed by a flutist with a Tool cover band

Informal singing styles are good in certain circumstances. Classical music training is still good. Post-punk and jazz may not be written, but also have tricky rhythms

Album-length with album eventually should happen (in theory). Live recordings are online, but not CC.

Austin left Spektral, so they need a new violinist.

Still in Chicago.

Why don’t say “interesting”?

Interesting is a catch-all of sorts. Other words are more precise. 13 years ago!

Hail to the Thief.

“It would be surprising if this was the new Radiohead” is more precise than “It would be interesting if this was the new Radiohead”

Talking through the sheet? Sexy > interesting.

“Nice” and “fine” are other words

“Um” and “like” are not vague in the same way.

Theory and ear training?

Northwestern grad students have some say, but not a lot over what they teach

Aural skills, is not exactly ear training. Sight

Tom’s son is a singer in a band (knows piano and guitar)

Learning by doing works by people ← maybe the article

Behind The Wallpaper was a year and a half ago. No performance in Behind The Wallpaper.

Insides is multimedia performance art. Katie Doyle is a ceramicist (I guess that is a word?)

Drinking milk.

Insides was performed 3 times at 3 venues. Sept, Feb, Mar.


Retro dress...think 1955. Blindfolds come off.

Amps are hooked to “scopes” which were single headphones...set up as

At the person switch, mood switches as

Improv comedy person imitated scope noises

Huge variety of moods. Somber, playful, and depended on performance.

Plants in the audience to know when it is over


“Wreckage of kittens“


Deirdre Harrison:

David Tutor premiered 4’33’’ in 1952:

Conspiracy theory about natural tuning

440 American (Japanese might be hire)

Videos of performances? No video of Insides, because it would leave out blindfold.

Behind The Wallpaper was videoed in Chicago

John Waters smellivision:

Anything else you want to tell us about?

Ann Arbor: Women Composers. Some sort of benefit. A minute-long piece! No words in this particular

Bowling Green

Theatrical piece

Closing track: This Changes Everything (sax version) CC BY-NC-SA

Electronic version was written in 2005. It was written for two Rachel’s playing cello. Cello duo piece wasn’t working. Oingo Boingo lead to syn, but doesn’t sound like Oingo Boingo.

Is there anything but a little bit of minimalism?

Difficult rhythmic piece.