Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cheese N Pot-C - 160417 - Music Manumit Podcast

Cheese N Pot-C

This episode:
Talking with the group Cheese N Pot-C

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Notes from the show

Cheese N Pot-C @ Facebook,

and Pot-C @ Zeopolis

7-11/Japan talk

Tell us about your music and tell us what’s new!
88/89 started outside Vancouver

Lots of turntable and then a mixer

Mom records and performs


PUCK (Previously Unknown Canadian Kids)...99

Then Japan the first time. Recording engineering school and met wife (who had come to Canada….I think, not sure the timeline 100%).

Cheese came in 2003 and pretty much stayed.

2008 came back full time

D.O.A. Sudden Death Records

Sudden Death Records Volume 2 of Japan was big, but mostly homemade CD-R

blocSonic rahrahrah!

Long John from Vancouver Island...and played hockey

Fuck Gary Bettmen:

Or for non-live

The Record, which was like Billboard in Canada:

Things going well, so move to Japan!

P.U.C.K. has had plenty of spin-offs

Write some raps! A lot of first-time rappers, but people that knew how to play instruments

7-piece band!

One up on Phil style rap and drumming!

2000-01 live band thing. January 2001 was brewing time for live band. Came back 11 months later. Pot-C coming back

Last show was 2011 when they were all in Vancouver. Trying to do it again this summer.

A whole roast chicken!

No slurpees! No nachos or hot dogs. Hot dogs in bags!

No grand slam at Denny’s

Random flow:

Acid planet:

Portland a big place for collaboration


What about old tracks?
Beats can be reused. New lyrics and such

Teenagers in late 80s/early 90s...spun out of control

Holding those hostage

4-tracks...usually got taped over except final cut

Constantly making new songs.

The mix is going to be hard to digitize

Where did the stage names originate?
Lived on reserve 150 km outside Vancouver...the white kid.

Pre-paid tab. Mom started calling him Cheese...who had been DJ Murtle

How Now Lau (Lau is like Leo) is Pot-C ( and weed), aka Floyd

Any tours, or just local shows?
Host a weekly half an hour radio show in English

Co-op radio...100 square km (~38.6 miles)

Mike from Blocsonic was a guest on show recently.

Thursday, Saturday,

5th anniversary show!

D3Z member KFC

Who are some people you think we should try to get on the show (aka, who are the important people in Creative Commons music today)?


D3Z has some Japanese raps


D3Z...grew up in town in Canada. Lives in Montreal now

34 Pro

Ben from Random Flow. Truck T also from Bristol.

Main Japanese MC from D3Z is going on Truck T’s compilation

Closing track: "Check 1, 2 ". It's licensed CC BY-NC-SA.

Titles come from the beats a lot of time

Guru (Guru rapper) from Gangstarr (Gang_Starr)


Sound bites used for scratches