Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jess Lemont - 151220 - Music Manumit Podcast

County Noises - Jess Lemont

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We talk with musician Jess Lemont

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Notes from the interview.

No show next week! Happy Holidays!



college for a year

Tell us about your music and tell us what’s new!
from young age loved it. Oldies station seemed spooky!

Bernedet - Motown - Four Tops - Temptations

Big Sound from Studio B? Wind tunnel

loose tracks on soundcloud. Some experiments for reverb plugins and such

funk phase from late 90s to early ‘00s...hoping to go back to it.

Hendrix and jazz (both older mainstream and free jazz, and a lot of improv)

Sometimes projects are vastly different

Go-to instrument?
drums or single note melody stuff. thin layers.

prehistoric jazz:

solo stuff resembles them

geodes: “schoster, zabriskie & friends”

Nat Zabriskie

What do you record with?
garageband, because it is easy

reaper is better than audacity for her process:

audacity was good until it was crashing on her

play more than set up leads to some type of laziness


some tracks she was using internal mics (two different jazz CDs)

Barking Cows show up with multitracked-jazz-compilations-vol-2

5.5 (oops, doc problem!) you recently had a collaboration with Cagey House. How was that?

maybe Cagey House will go corporate!

“strange” looking radio on album:

A little like Charlotte’s Web


What drew you to Creative Commons? Why do you use the the license you use?
C.Reider brought it up without being overbearing.

How did he find you?

“it’s not my type of music”

What are your other projects, if any?

Autism Society of Wisconsin:

Who are some people you think we should try to get on the show?
Mark (disquiet Junto), clearly

Is there anything else you would like to say/tell us about?

winter Olympics in Sochi had problems

support for LGBT in Russia

Putin offset!

snowboarding is good (or bad?) inspiration for guitar/drums

Closing track?

Dusty Springfield inspiration

Does best when she makes a lot of associations

at 7 feet plus, you can’t hide