Sunday, November 29, 2015

SndChaser - 151129 - Music Manumit Podcast

CerebralRift Podcast

In this episode:
We talk with SndChaser of the CerebralRift podcast.

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Notes from the interview.

Label: Cerebral Audio -- new

LiteCoin, BitCoin!

Bandcamp, Jamendo, etc...

LiteCoin was reaction to bitcoin currency pool

litecoin is more quickly


Who would use it?

Maybe people interested in new compensation

label not involved in transaction


only place we talked about it on air...and took notes: orphan-songs-140413-music-manumit

can’t remember if this is where Nick work(ed):

Indie Miramax?

Not all Indie’s are really indie!

just a few distribution for major outlets

union contracts

DNA Studios:

Annie DiFranco:

Steve Albini:

Stay out of it!

learned to not be as opinionated

How do you find music?

maybe no releases under old artist name

upset writers with word things!


Stern. One page is black! Squiggly lines:

Shirt printing is a similar process. Tom is good at it!

Everything on the website!

promotion is a big thing

borrowing from MG or blocSonic based in Germany


sndchaser and Doug agree! Two thumbs down for new Jamendo...although Doug figures out they have fixed some things.

Tom thinks it looks pretty! He’s on the fence. Maybe it is a work in progress.


Jamendo is alternative to GEMA

People get mad at facebook!

Pedro Agular aka PeerGynt: peergynt-lobogris

license on track listings, but not album listings: peergynt-lobogris/albums

closing track:

Artist: Cousin Silas

Title: Sailing Through The Kuiper Belt

Release: Observations From Earth And Beyond

Release Date: December, 2015

Length: 4:49

License: CC BY-NC-SA