Sunday, November 8, 2015

Circus Marcus 2 - 151108 - Music Manumit Podcast

Circus Marcus

In this episode:
Circus Marcus joins us on the show again.

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Notes from the interview.

last time: circus-marcus-150308-music-manumit

Both here this time!

new to FMA: Vous_tes_quelquun_de_terriblement_absent

series of singles released at and at

New album called “Disco Pueblo” -- not so disco

there will be a track called “Disco Pueblo” which will be more 80s

YouTube playlist: travel ideas:

recorded when traveling in Germany

biking trip around Europe

played in nature, not in towns

sometimes they would talk about music and travel

played in a church

played on the beach

Any experiences that stood out?

Abbey church wasn’t planned for sure

the host in Switzerland suggested the Abbey church

organist allowed them to play

church built ~800 years ago

Other stories?


just the two of them

lakes with people!

12-year-old child was one of many interesting people

How long in total were you gone?

slightly more than 3 months

Travel ideas: YouTube Playlist

very busy online

thumb pianos:

looks like a full piano to Doug

What about trip logistics?

go with the feeling.

you can clean yourself in a lake! ...says Tom

“no planning”

...well, some because of family, but very little

Do you plan to do it again? some respect

Accordions are big to!

In reality, the new album is an old one! Was originally planned for release in 2011.

Upcoming album will have the singles

Spotify?’s free! (some stuff that is)

at some point will just decide to release

working on lots of stuff!

“I dig it”

basically just him and his wife

not super-social as far as musical collaboration

sometimes he does commission work, which is like a collaboration

a theater piece is a collaboration. Music is one part and theater is the other

outgoing track: Petrified - CC BY-NC

lots of improv

morse code!

crucial moment for life of protagonist

lyrics came through improv!

“When I was young, I was petrified”
reminds Doug of “I Will Survive”...for obvious reasons. Really, it reminds Doug of the Cake version.