Sunday, September 13, 2015

Another Chris Zabriskie - 150913 - Music Manumit Podcast

Chris Zabriskie

In this episode:
Musician Chris Zabriskie visits the show again to talk about his new album.

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Notes from the interview.

new album - Chris Zabriskie - Thoughtless

last two times on the show -



album is 36:20

Soundcloud has been ok

YouTube audio library…"stock music" Tripled soundcloud plays!

advertising is inevitable

mixcloud and "mix cloud" do not appear in our show notes

"platform chasing"

how do you promote don’t!

Cylinders has 965889 listens on FMA alone. Not obscure!

dirt parking lot life show. Outside shows are hard with laptops!

almost toured this year!

month off of July! ...but didn’t do it.

Down with the stage!

thank you for the site breaking!

"new and modern" on top of legacy crap

Dreamweaver for version control!

Confluence sorta like Frontpage!

Adobe has a new CMS (AEM - Adobe Experience Manager)

"they both make Ls"

reminds me of this:

you can comment on bandcamp...if you buy

What’s it about?

all abou vibe. About growing up and family, and the culture he was raised in. More life to reflect on than ever!

things you don’t think about...aka Thoughtless

landscape painting...not like Slayer!

new techniques this time...denser, more going on...but it’s not chaotic. It’s a soup. Thinking about it with headphones. Danceable!

Finish it...put it on VHS and then rip that!

Some VHS samples on the record

analog warmth in VHS

COMMENT: Fargo like Breaking Bad...and the Wire

Wizard World!

Seth Gilliam:

Walking Dead

Doug refuses to watch things a second time...too much new stuff

QUESTION: How would you do VHS

record the input!

The Strokes

Julian Casablancas & The Voidz

really high quality VHS tapes

closing track - Another Version of You - CC BY

lots of secrets...and cat!

Portlandia reference