Sunday, August 30, 2015

Visciera II - 150830 - Music Manumit Podcast


In this episode:
Florian of Visciera joins us to talk about his most recent album.

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Notes from the interview.

Last time we had Florian on: visciera-121216-music-manumit-podcast.html

Florian recently visited the US and met with Doug (and Thomas from the Lawcast) in Baltimore (scroll down if you just see a logo...that got Doug at first)

label that will be on

New album: -- Tom actually said it right

Album title is Finnish...a little bit of a story there:

perfect name

face in the smoke is not smoke, but movement.

there’s a poster when you

making an album is not magic


when we had them on:

makeup videos!

promoting only online, for now: met a bassist and two drummers!

new album in the works

self-recorded, but mixing and mastering happened in studio Phantom of the Opera

smaller project in the works: maybe just four tracks. An “EP”

bittorrent bundle:

closing track: CC BY-NC-SA

last one he started working on

“I don’t know where it came from, but I like it”