Sunday, August 16, 2015

Ubuntu Studio - 150816 - Music Manumit Podcast

Logo of Ubuntu Studio
Logo of Linux Distribution Ubuntu Studio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this episode:
We talk with Kaj, from Ubuntu Studio. An open source operating system geared towards audio, graphics & video creatives using free software.

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Notes from the show.

His music (though the official topic is Ubuntu Studio):

Tom tried Ubuntu Studio...then Tom tried AV Linux and some others...then back to Ubuntu Studio

things come from Debian

Canonical maintains some packages (pulse, for example)

How do you decide?
try to cover everything, but only one application per

People have opinions!

still around:

Pure Data: live graphical coding

in 2002, it wasn’t good enough

How did you get your current position? the time, using Fedora...tried some different distros and RT kernels. 9.04 was the first one he really liked.

ubuntustudio-devel on freenode

Ubuntu Studio is official:

What is the low-latency kernel?
live processing!

difference between kernels depends on hardware

LiveDVD is awesome for testing!

Kaj was for it, but happened during last project lead

How big is the team?
3 active, but one mostly working on Debian

menu is changing and making it easier to find applications

Ubuntu Studio controls hasn’t been usable in years

16.04 is next LTS is still going!

How do people get involved? the "contribute" link

Anything we missed?
Remember to thank Debian! Tom says it was beautiful!

Closing track: CC BY-NC

mostly just learning PureData

used Audacity for processing