Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cheyenne Hohman - 150712 - Music Manumit Podcast

Cheyenne from FMA

In this episode:
Talking with the person that makes things go at the Cheyenne Hohman

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Notes from the interview:

Cheyenne is the engine of FMA

36 of 36 on Radio Free Culture


interim director for a bit

IS degree

podcast at previous job at University of Kentucky -- 300!

Why CC?

Library Science...also...

zines...the first place she saw CC

she had also seen this logo:


iTunesU: iTunes U - App

Tom also likes zines!

Paper Zines!

mostly a way to stay writing and stay creating

karaoke bars.

karaoke means empty orchestra


what is "word art"?

Computers can’t communicate

predictive text poems

twitter account: Google poetry

"why is my dog on fire?"

technology can help you in weird ways

"welcome to Cheyenne’s brain"

contributed to compilation zines

How did you get involved in music?

"blah blah blah"

music nerd...but maybe not as much as other people at WFMU

so much you will never here...even just on FMA

music copyright is complicated!

off the deep end without a floaty ring

people don’t want on vimeo sometimes

Song was name of the band

sampling is an issues

What’s new at the FMA?

new web developer is Ross

blind leading the blind at first

What’s coming up at the FMA?

embeddable player...and a bunch of other technical stuff...just in the planning stages right now though

What sort of feedback did you get?

All over the place

"I love all the metal songs"

player should look like X

"Why aren’t you soundcloud?"

monkey hate free music!

"This is a weird thing."

A sonic adventure!

"then, you just look stupid" Don’t quote him though!

list yourself in multiple genres...up to three...and you can do track-based genres

there’s always something!

songaphone curator: A game of telephone with a song

stems for premix ended up cool

More people?

mostly focusing the site, but....

fundraiser is coming up!

trying not to be obnoxious

Producers and listeners are often the audience won the race to updating the sight!

people look like they are getting tossed out of the

Who should we talk to?

Manuel Silva: link


Outgoing track: 
"The Spidrman's (nanoloop)" - by UncleBibby - link:Free_Music_Project_Vol_1