Thursday, June 4, 2015

13. Lawcast Reboot Episode Zero: Where We Are Headed

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Expected Audience: Anyone that wants to learn about the show reboot

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First off, things are a bit funky with all of the imported shows into the main feed (this is the first one). They all show up as "Tom Ray" as the author. Aside from the design work for the site, Mr. Ray is not involved in the Lawcast. There are now two Tom's though! Thomas Giannini is the Tom on the Lawcast!

Also, there's no embedded player because I uploaded the audio as a file on the video entry. If I figure out how to get the player for audio, I'll delete these lines and put it here!

We want to give enough so people don’t have to go back and listen, but we don’t want to rehash that interview.

‘99 bar, but always loved music
record labels, venues, everything dealing with music
Studio One

Nick’s focus was social justice, my focus is essentially social justice through IP, and TG’s focus is music

mention of the US Copyright Office new treatise called “Copyright and the Music Marketplace  2/15

Monthly - No June date yet.
June suggestion: entity formation: partnership, LLC, corporation
Doug’s reasoning: primarily, people in bands need to think about how they are going to deal with money upfront in order to avoid issues down the road. Splitting it 4/4 may work in the beginning, but what happens with studio/touring musicians that are not necessarily part of “the band.” What if it starts off that everybody writes, but in the future only one or two members write, but the others record and gig. Should it still be 4/4?

It’s a huge topic and we’re not going to be able to cover it in depth in our 20-minute allotment, but if it gets traction we might come back to it in the future.

July: Social entrepreneurship

August: In Depth Look at CC Licenses.

NOTE: Even though that is the order we discussed during the show, we decided to go with CC Attribution for the June show. We just pushed the other two back. We haven't decided on a July recording date. We probably won't until I'm moved to Cincinnati.

Tip: SoundExchange + 

I mentioned I would find out SoundExchange's tax status. I reached out to them, but they did not respond to my inquiry. I contacted some people I thought might know, and no one did. Wikipedia says they are a trust, but there are several types of trusts.