Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kickstarter - 150222 - Music Manumit Podcast

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We talk today with music outreach lead Hayley Rosenblum, from +Kickstarter

Just a note: there were issues with Hayley's connection from time to time but for the most part it doesn't affect the interview.

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Here are the notes from the show.

Creative Commons Kickstarter Curation:

In case people want the full range, here are two other crowdfunding platforms:


When we’ve talked about Kickstarter in the past:







We've actually mentioned it off-hand on other occasions, but that is when we were talking to successful campaigns.

Music Outreach lead. Been with Kickstarter for 2 years

Specialists in categories.

Who do you get involved?

no typical way. Each project is different.

Creator Handbook

People like feedback. Sometimes it is just motivational

Anamanaguchi (band) sent a slice of pizza into space!

How many artists do you deal with in a day?
it fluctuates

700-800 projects live in music alone at any given time

The rewards?
do experiential stuff

Why does L7 need money?

not just about money

sometimes traditional money will say no to cool stuff

David Cross had directorial review: actor-david-cross-hits-kickstarter-raise-100000-film-hits

some theaters are going pay what you want!

What if the project isn’t funded?
$13 million project launched and didn't succeed...the first time!

"free money" - not how the Internet works!

17% that don’t make it don’t receive single contribution

if you reach 20%, then you will make it...most of the time!

How do you launch a new one?
Try to be transparent about success and failure.

Not crossing the finish line is ok!

What’s most often?

What’s the story? Sometimes the story is different

Steam and games!

Kickstarter label?
Not yet

What’s coming up?
January was film month.

February is journalism/publishing


Amanda Palmer?
learning how to deal with fans

Music Promoter?
no plans

Amanda backed her project!

Anyone other than Amanda Palmer we should have on?

Slowbird was with Cursive

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