Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy Puppy Records 2 - 150208 - Music Manumit Podcast

Happy Puppy Records

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In this episode:
Lee from Happy Puppy Records is back on the show.

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Here are the notes from the show.

last time: happy-puppy-records-140209

The_Magician musician

More coming out next week!

Remix chains!

Ninja Tune

Public Enemy Forums...and:

Ninja Tune online forum. Multiple remixes were made out of the original track "Toastboat" by Tim Koch, and Lee participated in the remixing shenanigans. You can download all 14 remixes for free over at Shinobi Cuts bandcamp site.

The Electric Amygdala entitled Lion on The Beach, only available on the band's Bandcamp page (it's not free, but it is Creative Commons!)

more Progressive rock:

talking vinyl!

Spinal Tap moment!

mastering for vinyl is a different process. Must start with the proper recording!

Finally figured out the Linux Mint naming convention:

Radio Shack bankruptcy:

2014 was a banner year for Lee!

6 million views in the last couple of weeks!

Matt Farley - matt-farley-spotifys-number-one-music-spammer

Freaky Farley:

FMA is the #1 place to go!

closing track: