Sunday, January 18, 2015

Biting Elbows - 150118 - Music Manumit Podcast

Biting Elbows

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In this episode:
Ilya from the band Biting Elbows joins us.

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Here are the notes from the interview.

Website -

Jamendo Page - jamendo artist - biting-elbows

IndieGoGo project - hardcore-the-first-ever-action-pov-feature-film

Tell us about yourself!
In Moscow right now.

Where did the project name originate?
Russian saying more or less a missed opportunities

The music?
indie/punk/alternative...some ska. Always punk!

punk is the soul

"If I wasn't the "



The video?
"Bad Motherfucker" - vimeo

"Stampede and Bad Motherfucker" -

First person shooter

shitty snowboarder!

GoPro Camera

GoPro in the mouth

Day job: director

music videos, commercials, etc.

Russian contacts…

not as valued as in the western world

showed it to more companies...and found and one

If you have something you want sponsorship for, you have to present it nicely!

Bad Motherfucker did not cost a lot of money miss 100% of the

First minute in a half was from the mouth

Bondage mask!

paintball store had predator masks: Predator Paintball Mask

Not Safe?

Not useful to give things to PR guys. You have to go hire up

The idea was where to put the product placement

old Jewish joke: Wailing Wall:

"buy a fucking lottery ticket"

businesses are not charities

You gotta hustle (supposedly a North American phrase)


for five years


Supposedly not a lot of great Russian bands...but…



Lucky to have supportive people!


stunt guys! you can try!

surprisingly very safe productions!

took a long time to do

both easy and difficult. easy to plan, but cannot change things

What drew you to Creative Commons?
Also, ...which is down

The movie

Russian blockbuster:

Night Watch: Night Watch (NOCHNOI DOZOR)

spy film after Hardcore!

100 minute music video is not going to work!

Shoot it in English because Russian is not a worldwide language

too cold in Russia to do stuff in winter

Release date not set yet

Gun perks?
He had the gun mug! He liked it.

no date for post-production to be done

first feature!

 is terrible, except the first one.

Lost in Translation not an action movie

Where do you tour?
right before Hardcore began, amazing tour stuff

6 gigs over last two years

writing new music!

rehearsing last night for a snowboard festival!

Double release perhaps when Hardcore released

played Olympics in Sochi

Red Bull not part of Olympics sponsorship

Is there anything else you would like to say/tell us about?

"Toothpick" by Biting ElbowsLink