Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ana Bogner - 141214 - Music Manumit Podcast

Ana Bogner

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In this episode:
Our guest is musician Ana Bogner.

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Sadly this episode is a bit shorter than usual because of skype connectivity problems we were having.

Here are Doug's notes from the show.

Suggested by Headphonica

Tell us about your music and tell us what’s new!
Sicily right now, but normally out of Berlin, Germany


Electronic music now, but was punk rock and jazz.

now, she creates scenes or atmosphere.

Tom thinks it is Lynchian, or more specifically, Angelo Badalamenti

Lost Highway Soundtrack

Soundtrack From Twin Peaks

Sometimes found sound, but sometimes generated sounds

How do you put it together?
starts with “a picture”

“it’s like giving birth to a child”

It can take two or three days in the beginning, but editing can take longer

What drew you to Creative Commons/Headphonica?
Headphonica found her.

she makes them

There will be an album next year in addition to the EP

How did you start?
started when 16...which was “ten years ago”

6 track allows four track plus two for stereo. The soundboard was used for Music Manumit!

Tape releases are coming back!
Blank Audio Cassette Tape - 8 Pack

more obscure than vinyl


Zoom digital recorders

previous soundscape interview: restive-141123-music-manumit-podcast

Music Collective?

Just a month ago, so not much has changed yet.

There will be a process of producing the album

There is someone else. There may be a CD, but no vinyl

Do you play live?
It has changed. There has been gigs. There will be a tour with the album!

Live shows are good!

some computers, controllers, guitar, and microphone

Usually basically the same as the recording.

Working with loops.

Outgoing track:

First or Second song for the EP.

“You get it most when you hear it.” “It is fantastic”

It is a quiet song