Sunday, November 16, 2014

Andrew Weathers II - 141116 - Music Manumit Podcast

Andrew Weathers

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In this episode:
Musician Andrew Weathers joins us on the podcast again!
Here are Doug's notes from the interview.

Last time we had Andrew on: andrew-weathers-140427-music-manumit

five new albums (at least!):

Another album coming out in December!

Weary-Wary was a test album for Nightsound Studios?

“very by the seat of your pants recorded in various locations

some stuff recorded at Joe’s house!

80% on the laptop

Full Spectrum Records --

Recording on his own since 16. Finally feeling like he’s decent. He does work as a mastering engineer.

“one big knob”

Not everything is gold when you work with others!

Funny stories?

accumulation of as much stuff as possible.

Why so many band names?

He goes back and forth!

Parties is a drone band.

Andrew Weathers vs. Andrew Weathers Ensemble

Did all the bands spawn Full Spectrum Records?

One reason is to have a place for stuff to go

Also, it’s a spark for collaboration

Has Full Spectrum Records

Tethers album

a professor used a track for a slide!

Basic Sounds Netlabel release in December

“If you’re gonna start a cult, just call it a cult.”

You can have ideas, but you just have to do it!


What kind of synths?

Yahama “Porta-sound” Pocket Piano

There’s an organ...perhaps a keytar.

midi saxophone! ← some of Andrew’s first show

fretless guitar

Andres on Ryno’s show:

How do you know these people?

Track 4...but they are all called the same thing!