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20lb Sounds - 140817 - Music Manumit Podcast

20lb Sounds

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In this episode:
We talk with Dan Lynch of 20lb Sounds.
Here are Doug's notes from the interview


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Homeless numbers in Madison!

Mainstream Creative Commons

NIN and Creative Commons: Top selling albums on Amazon! Extra exposure from Creative Commons.

Dan thinks Creative Commons will keep growing

CC = gratis?

New album?

New (May) Album:

Lots of experiences!

Long time to make the album: about 15 months longer

Christmas of 2012 they raised the money to record!


re-recorded the album 4 or 5 times!

Recorded Live!

Recorded in rehearsal room

16-track digital recorder: smaller than a laptop.

decent mics:

3 on drums

amps were mic’ed

hard to play perfectly in one go

learned the songs very well over time!

CDs are out!

budget more for postage!

Hope to the sell the rest of the

thumb and two ribs broken without knowing

someone punched him!

Why do it live?

Maybe they will next time. Just liked the idea of doing it live

Gary the bass player was also producer.

No guns were pointed at people: “Phil, if you’re going to kill me, kill me. But don’t f**k with my ears. I need ‘em.” - 5-artists-reportedly-held-gunpoint-phil-spector

Sadly, the outtakes have been deleted

Didn’t fight or fallout during the show

restarted recording in Christmas 2013

Dan loves record production.

Any gigging we should know about since last time you were on the show (April 2013)?

No gigging that often

No gigs when they started album...for four months or so. Then some gigs. International Pop Overthrow

Tom mentions: International_Pop_Overthrow_(album)

Bumper: 6th of September

Party for Life: party-for-life-gaza-childrens-fund

Not gigging as much as Dan would like.

So, Kickstarter?

seller’s guilt

Spreadsheets are rock’n’roll!

CSV files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone fears failure. Didn’t go overboard on the tiers.

Name on credits was limited!

Kickstarter mobile tools are good.

solo acoustic gig is where Kickstarter passed the targets

Dan did the album art! It’s a CC image as well!


Making the CDs:

big box of blank CDs

Delays in Scotland

covers printed elsewhere...but it took a long time

Assembly line in studio next time!

What’s up next?

Maybe in two years

Kickstarter again?

happy with Kickstarter. More realistic about recording time!

World tour!

zip code 11111 is Oak Acres, AR.

how-iron-maiden-turned-piracy-into-paying-customers ← Bruce is pilot. Also does commercial flights

Anything else?


Jesse von Doom: CASH music

cousin of creator of Motown.

Outgoing Track: jimmy-carter by 20lb Sounds