Sunday, May 11, 2014

Elliot Harmon - 140511 - Music Manumit Podcast

Elliot Harmon
Elliot Harmon (Photo credit: Bilal Randeree)

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In this episode:

We talk with Elliot Harmon Communications Manager at Creative Commons.

Here are Doug's notes from the interview.

Elliot is not the first poet on the show: Link

He’s also not the first communications manager: Link

Doug says CC needs to get back on the fediverse.

Tell us about yourself!

Communications Manager

Social Media and More!

Direct Communications Strategy

How long in this position?

just over two years

Broken Links?


Social Media and the Arts?

Most mission-driven organizations see social media as a broadcast tool, but

Equal amounts of three things: broadcast, engage, amplyfy

Sometimes CC stuff is boring! (apparently)


Solution that he doesn’t like...using something to just post everywhere

HooteSuite, etc.

Organization versus artist?

Potentially more human-power with an organization

What sort of interaction do you get?


Some Music is under CC0:

Instagram and Creative Commons?

I am CC.


Flickr is largest CC repository.

No longer have to use advanced search on Creative Commons

This is specifically the type of thing Doug was talking about:

Mission Cleaner Books:

Old Poetry Journal is CC-licensed

Open Tape:

Muxtape is no more.

Museum technology...


ccmixter? ← not yet!

slam poet or performance poet. He made a CD and went on tour!

Now the poetry is more text based.

Random Things Doug was thinking about before the show:

Who do we talk to?

Jonathan Mann:

Nick Lowe...not

Anything else?

US Government is starting to recognize important issues related to copyright!