Sunday, April 6, 2014

Open Goldberg - 140406 - Music Manumit Podcast

Open Goldberg

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In this episode:
We talk with Robert Douglass from Open Goldberg

Here are Doug's notes from the interview.


MuseScore interview: musescore-120813-music-manumit-podcast

Kimiko Ishizaka:

What’s next?
He mentioned something coming up!

The Kickstarter made it to the front page of slashdot!


stretch goals (that they didn’t make):

$50,000: Braille version of the Open Well-Tempered Clavier

$60,000: Braille version of the Open Goldberg Variations

$100,000: A free web-service to automatically convert MusicXML files to Braille

$150,000: All 50,000 scores on available as Braille

What is a Braille file?

Braille transcription service was used. Royal National Institute of the Blind:

How does Braille work with music? You can “sight read”
Is it possible, Robert proposes?

Dozens of famous blind pianists!

blind Japanese pianist won an international competition

Open Goldberg Project is where money goes
Open Goldberg Variations

Works well enough for now!

Where is kickstarter these days?
Robert says they are only getting stronger!

Recording will be in July, which means it will be released this time next year.

MuseOpen on Kickstarter:


claims of contentID?
“Meanwhile, project creation is currently available to individuals in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand who meet the requirements below.” -

YouTube is a money-earning business. It’s their to generate

“Just the tuba bus!”

Who should we talk to?
Larry Lessig ← trying to bring sanity to politics

Kickstarter should be on our show in late July.

Kimiko will be on on September 20, 2014 (released the 21st)...but we might be changing that