Sunday, March 16, 2014

J. Lace - 140316 - Music Manumit Podcast

Black Math

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In this episode:
We talk with musician J. Lace about his many musical projects.

Here are Doug's notes from the interview.

Tell us about your music and tell us what’s new!
Black Math on the FMA (Black Math LP available)

bass in punk and hardcore bands in high school...96/97

grew up in New York and in Florida

Zines and shows at Women’s Center and such.

band members went to school in Gainsville and Tallahassee

Jim had a drumming learning curve

Nuclear Family has a cello player.

Bass played had a lot of connections from roadying for

Friends and Relatives Record label in Bloomington Indiana put out a Nuclear Family record

yamaha keyboard had some drums on it.

almost impossible to play the songs live in Black Math

Guitar, bass, drums...AND CELLO!

Nuclear Family was post-punk/garage

cello was better with Black Math than Nuclear Family

finally got an electric cello in Chicago, which had

Permanent Records carried local bands and stuff bands were pressing themselves. Cassettes

Why no two-sided?
it’s just not what you do!

lots of 8-track talk

Andrew the neighbor joined the band. He played guitar and bass.

Christine and Jim broke up, which ended the band.

He’s in a band named Population. It’s been in Chicago for four years.

Onyx System

Hopefully going to be an LP.

Spinning Clocks with Andrew. Keyboard, violin and some other stuff

WaxTrax was before his time. Alex turned Jim on to early Ministry.

Ministry is “laser printer” music Tom says.

Sacred Bones

Digital recorders like four-tracks

Jim uses Logic for recording software

What about E.T. Habit Records (Chicago artist's collective with 2 projects of mine)?

forming in a loose way in the last year or so.

Alex is a music scene friend.

E.T. Habit was a group.

strength in numbers. Lots of projects very different

Alex had a show on Friday...sorry we didn’t get this out in time. :)

“J. Lace and Alex Nova”

Just started putting the stamp on it

Are you just seeing where it goes?
No one really talks about it

No gang signs

First time people have elaborated

Zune Home

ET Habit’s last record

The bass player from Onyx System also on there

Herding cats

Creative Commons?
Just want to share!

Beware of the Blog was doing city-focused articles and Black Math got on the Chicago page

Black Math had a MySpace page

Who are some people you think we should try to get on the show (aka, who are the important people in Creative Commons music today)?
Keith runs a netlabel

Pan y Roses:

Is there anything else you would like to say/tell us about?
Population just finished a recording. It’ll be out on Mass Media Records. In August they’ll be doing an east coast tour.

J. Lace and Alex Nova casette

Onyx System may have an album coming out

Spinning Clocks is just writing songs right might