Sunday, February 23, 2014

Uber - 140223 - Music Manumit Podcast

Uber Dog
Uber Dog (Photo credit: aston5man)

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In this episode:
Doug and Tom talk about creative commons 4.0, CASHmusic, FMA and more on today's show.
Here are the note's Doug took during the show.

Justin Beiber is now Bizzle

Creative Commons in Electronic Musician

Johnny Depp was in Cry Baby - March Edition of Electronic Musician

Interview with Jessica Coates:

Translation process has begun:

CASH Music - half blog, half other stuff

MIT license:

CASH_Music I.R.S._Scrutiny_and_501.28c.293_Status

WhatsApp SEO stuff as well. Go Us!

FMA News

FMA looking for a developer: link is using bootstrap

Now able to attach pages to YouTube Accounts

Open Education Week:

Taking place from 10-15 March, 2014

We are usually behind on talking about these things since we do news shows so infrequently. Now we’re ahead of the game.

Also on March 15th:

For example, we missed Copyright Week in mid-January:

Torrent news

people apparently love just us (and love torrents): show link

Torrents are actually useful! Used for Lorenzo’s Music! Better than some respects

Could spend on SoundCloud, but maybe not.