Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nicholas Burgess II - 140105 - Music Manumit Podcast

Nicholas Burgess - King of Another Dimension

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In this episode:
Doug and Tom are back from holiday break!
And we talk with Nicholas Burgess from Hexmap about his second solo album.

Here are Doug's notes and links from the interview.

Last time we had Nick on:
Episode link ← he came on in December of 2011.

The two times we had Nick’s band on:
Hexmap 1

Hexmap 2

Tell us what’s new!
New album is called King of Another Dimension

Tracks on King of Another Dimension

1. Troll Hair 02:58

2. Body Harvest 2 03:52

3. Ice Cream Truck 03:53

4. Elsa Sargent Singer 02:45

5. Thighs 02:34

6. Kissimmee Nights 03:55

7. Sexy Scratch-Offs 02:53

8. My Head's On Fire 03:58

9. Some Ladies 03:17

10. Black Bikini 06:30

B-sides, but no physical singles.

Just an excuse to make new cover art?
romance novel collage!

The two singles:

Minnesota Ice Man:

Bodice Ripper:

Photoshopped the ice.


Doug’s connection is bad in the new location. He’ll plug in next time.


Scratch and Sniff were plentiful in the past, but no longer. You can still get them, but customization is hard. BTW kids, we don’t have time stamps because I do the notes and Tom does the ending, so I don’t know what the final time stamps are!

What smell would it be?
sun-tan lotion

ice cream ← would it smell like vanilla ice cream?

sticker is on front with text: Sticker link

“Retro” is a dirty word of sorts.

lots of synth!

There were 30 songs!

No theme, like Ween, Phil Collins, etc. ...songs don’t necessarily have

No planned theme, but there is a bit of theme: girls/relationships

Do not make bologna cake! Don’t do it! Think of the pigs!

It might be a little retro because Nicholas is “old.”

There is a light feel.

Tom is binge watching Miami Vice on some streaming service that is not endorsing us, so they aren’t getting in the show notes.

Ian Hunter:

Lisa Frank:

Tom talks about Evan, the “artist.” Tom songs bitter, but says he isn’t.

Kazoos in “Troll Hair”?
NO! It’s an effects pedal! “nasal fuzz” The pedal is brown! Get the brown one!

Mike (from Hexmap) has a bunch of pedals.

The pedal is not used in live shows.

Nicholas probably is forgetting someone when he goes through who played….and I am not even trying to type them all down. Some people from Hexmap. Ben from a million bands played drums for almost every song, but those recordings didn’t make it in to every song.

The synth…

Lots of synth. It wasn’t planned. It’s a product of being mixed for so long. The easiest way to add a melody is with a synth.

Doug puts on his proto-lawyer hat: Project X Mega Man 3 album is not legally remixable, even if they are listed places under Creative Commons (unless they paid for a global remix license, which I’m pretty sure they didn’t) mirrors the music from also mirrors the music from

back in the day, renewal was a thing. IT IS NO LONGER A THING.

Blood on the Sun:

This one was in Bull Moose ( again. A much better experience with Bull Moose last time. They are good to deal with and he got a good reaction from people who actually got it there. He has heard people about this album as well.

Weirdo Records in Cambridge, Mass. The only local store! EXCLUSIVE!

Hard to say if it was a success last time. Probably made some fans, but hard to track that.

Here it is at Bull Moose, sadly without album art: Album link

The red thing is a sticker.

“Let’s do our best”

I did interview CC Japan a while back. Maybe they’ll tell us.

Button guy was super-local.

Back to the lyric videos.

Nicholas doesn’t have good video equipment, so someone needs to help him.

Tom calls Nicholas a diva.

It takes time to learn skills! Lessons from Music Manumit!

Tom suggests just letting go of the video process.

Clawjob almost had a video made for them. Nicholas doesn’t remember what happened...but maybe Hollywood happened.

Tom knows a guy! (his name is Spencer)

Tom tells a story about smashing a piano.

Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

Is there an album in the work?
Just about to start work on a new Hexmap album.

No idea which will be out first.

There are enough demos to do another album already!

the paint is drying!

“listen…. you smell something” ← Ghostbusters quote

easy to listen to, but not easy listening. It’s short and snappy. ← sweet URL

If Hexmap depresses you, listen to Nicholas Burgess

Is Tom a boy or a man?

through audio you can trick people! ...even though you can’t see the